jan 10 2013

New: live videos!

Two live videos uploaded from the show in Nuenen, Holland, with the lineup Tim Kliphuis violin, Paulus Schäfer guitar, Romino Grünholtz rhythm guitar and Noah Schäfer, bass!

Check them out on the Video page.

On 31 January, Paulus and Tim will perform at the Kemi Jazz and Blues Festival, Finland. Repertoire will be a mix of Rock Django and traditional Django Reinhardt classics.

Rock Django is now available as download on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rock-Django/dp/B009Y8GV3Y

On December 8th, Paulus and Tim will present their Rock Django CD in a 50 minute concert in the venue ‘Het Klooster’ in Nuenen, Holland, with Paulus’ cousins on bass and rhythm guitar. More info here!